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Pamela Cann

We have some exciting new products over the last few weeks.  Available here online or at our st and at The Rocks Market each Saturday and Sunday.  Our new lines are: Dark chocolate coated ginger - hand made to order; dark chocolate coated ginger nougat balls; milk chocolate coated coconut nougat balls; an old favourite is back - Tu Cinnful; at last we have Pontefract cakes; sugar free black licorice; sugar free black ginger licorice; sugar free black chilli licorice; sugar free black gold licorice; sugar free hot chilli licorice;  sugar free dutch coin. 

Now for the St Patrick Day weekend. Although we trade at The Rocks each weekend, there is some doubt regarding the St Patrick's Day weekend.  The upper management of The  Rocks precinct has decided to allot the George Street market area to the Mercantile Hotel - half the canopy on Saturday and the whole canopy on the Sunday for a sausage sizzle and drinkfest for the St Patricks Day weekend.  Due to this minimisation of the markets, we are not guaranteed of trading on that weekend and are on an extensive wait list.  Please check with us close to the weekend of 16, 17 March to see if we have been accepted.  But then you can always order our licorice online and if in Sydney have it delivered the next day by express post.  Thank you one and all for your ongoing patronage both in person at the Rocks Market and online and quite often both.  Lovely to meet our online customers at the markets and put faces to names.

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