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COVID-19 Announcement - The Rocks Markets and Our Online Shop

Pamela Cann

With the world going into lockdown and more tightening announced every day we have made some changes in response.  We will continue to implement changes as they are announced and are enthusiastically committed to ensuring the highest health and safety standards.   Here's the information on what has been implemented immediately:

The Rocks Markets

The NSW Government and Rocks Authority have indefinitely cancelled The Rocks Markets.   This is in response to the advice on mass gatherings and social distancing.  While it makes it very tough for many of the stall-holders (including us) to survive, we fully support this decision and hope that on the other side we can build a better brighter future for the Markets.  Clearly - until further notice we will not participate in any other point of sale activities, including warehouse sales.

Our Warehouse

We have closed our warehouse to everyone.  Ric and I have taken over all packing and shipping operations personally and will enter a self-impose policy of isolation of the physical area and our home as well. We hope this ensures we remain healthy and COVID19 free during the crisis.  A complex and difficult decision considering the festivities my family has planned around my 80th birthday on the 14 April.  We will celebrate this milestone when it is safe to do so.  And as my son continues to reinforced - I have even cancelled my hairdressing appointment until we get the all clear.

Packing and Infection Control

Our warehouse and packing environment are under the strictest infection and control procedures ensuring that once you have ordered - the products will be packed safely.  Once sealed the contents should remain free from pathogens until you open them your end.   

Check your Pack When It Arrives

When your package arrives we would ask you to do a couple of quick safety measures:

  1. Before you touch the package give the packaging a wipe with an antibacterial solution. This will ensure anything that has gotten on the package will be cleaned.
  2. Check that there are no rips or damage to the integrity of the packing.  Please let us know if you find any damage immediately.  Don't open it if you feel that the package has been compromised in any way - and contact us straight away to organise a replacement.
  3. Once you have unpacked your delivery dispose of the packaging immediately.
  4. ENJOY 


Our shipping providers pick up from the warehouse and there is no person to person contact required.  We will ensure there is no contact with delivery people and all social isolation recommendations are observed in any human to human contact we need to conduct in shipping and restocking our store.

A personal note from us

We would like to extend our deep felt appreciation and thanks to all our customers who love our famous licorice and who have continued to order it online.   In doing so you are keeping a small business alive during these very uncertain times.

We will continue to keep you up to date with all the developments here at The Licorice Shop and while it remains possible to ship our delicious sweets - we will.

Please feel free to contact me or Ric if you have any questions or concerns.

Stay safe, keep safe, remain healthy and should COVID19 affect you or your family our thoughts and prays are that you recover and bounce back as quickly as possible. 

All my sweetie love


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  • hendrik vant hoenderdaal on

    hello thank you for the information. my family and I love your sweets and thank you for your service .
    I put an order in on Saturday when do you think I might receive it .
    stay safe and healthy . Kindest regards Hendrik and family ..

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