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It's Christmas

Pamela Cann Christmas Gift Wrapping

It is Monday afternoon and we have just completed our first Friday night, Saturday and Sunday stint at The Rocks Market. Friday night markets will continue until 20 December, in addition to the normal Saturday and Sunday Market.

This morning early we got a kick in the pants from our son, Lloyd who said “You did nothing for Halloween so what are you going to do for Christmas”?

At the same time we received three orders to be sent to their friends just prior to Christmas and we also received orders going out that we would assume some of which will take them up to Christmas.

So it is time to do a Lloyd.

All orders that are being made from next Monday 11 November until New Years Eve, we have a good way to say Merry Christmas and thank you. If you are paying for parcels to be sent to friends or relatives we will gift wrap and include a greeting card with your best wishes. In addition, those that are paying for a loved ones present we will credit you with a quarter value of each order for your next order. For those who are ordering now for themselves from next Monday onwards we will add a quarter value extra to their order.

Any orders made from Monday 4 November until next Monday will have a credit placed for their next order so nobody misses out.

Lloyd adds we will honour this agreement up to and including New Years Eve, so Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all.

Thank you once again to all of our loyal customers and if any of you come in personally to the Rocks Market please let us know and we will be thrilled to extend this offer to you.

Christmas and Birthday Gift cards are also available if you wish for the recipient to choose their own licorice.

Ric, Pam and Lloyd

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  • Kerri Price on

    Great idea. Just make sure you leave enough time for yourselves to have a merry Christmas and great New Year.

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