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Pamela Cann

This week we have released some new exciting products - four of them from Finland.  CHOCOLATE SURPRISE - a delightful combination of chocolate and licorice; FRUIT SURPRISE - a burst of fruit and licorice in various colours and flavours. SWEET BLACK LICORICE in short fat logs, GELATINE FREE;  CHOCOLATE LICORICE LOGS, once again, short and fat - with the delicious licorice with chocolate down the centre.  Long, lean ropes of black ORGANIC licorice individually wrapped.

An addition to our fruit rope range is KOOKABURRA BLUE - SWEET BILBERRY.  

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  • Jenny Boncey on

    I bought some liquorice from your stall as a present for my sister when I was visiting Sydney from the UK in September. Her favourite flavour is strawberry but I thought that I would also get some of your new Vanilla Aniseed for her to try. It was a great hit, she said “the taste is to die for!”. Looks like I am going to have to come back soon to get some more!

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