Relive those childhood flavours.
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Ric's all new creations

Pamela Cann

Ric has some new taste sensations to add to the existing ones.  As of this weekend we have: Ginger Apple; Apple. Basil and Cinnamon; Basil and Berry; Cherry, celery, cinnamon and turmeric; and the older versions - Gingeroo (Ginger and rhubarb); Passion; Zesty Lemon; Berry nice Chilli, Garlic and Chilli; chilli licorice, chocolate chilli.

If you are in town, come and taste our new taste sensations - Only available on line here or at The Rocks Weekend market at our stall.

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  • Peter Goulty on

    Hi Ric, I am the guy you met at the Rocks market about 4 weeks ago, the Englishman in the wheelchair, don’t know if you remember me. Anyway, just tried to order from your website and am not sure the payment went through ok. If not could you let me know what went wrong and how to put it right, thanks for your time.

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