Relive those childhood flavours.
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3 Little Pigs

Everyone at the Rocks Market, Sydney, that is open every Saturday & Sunday, knows Peter, Peter, the Pumpkin eater. He is our security guard and helps everybody in trouble, even little lost kids.

Well, once upon a time, Peter Peter knocked on the door of The Licorice Shop (which is very hard to do as we don’t have a front door) and standing with him were his friends, “The three little pigs”. The biggest pig was Practical pig and his twin brothers, Fiddler pig who played the fiddle and Fifer pig who played the fife, which is similar to a flute or a tin whistle. “We have a horrible slobbering big bad wolf who is trying to eat us”, said the three little pigs all at once, “Can you help us, please, please”. “First things first”, I said, “try our licorice and see if you have a favourite”. After much taste testing, Practical said “my favourite is ‘Dragon’s Blood’ which tastes of raspberry”. I thought the twins would both choose the same flavour, but Fiddler pig chose the Black pack which is all different types of black and white licorice and Fifer pig chose ‘kissable lips’ (Sour Strawberry) which made his lips soft and beautiful and this allowed him to play his music so much sweeter.

When they had made their choices I told them of my plan: “Next time he comes huffing and puffing at your door throw some licorice in his mouth each time he sucks in air”. They did just that and in just a couple of heartbeats he stopped yelling and started of all things, - TO WAG HIS TAIL – “This is much nicer than eating pigs”, he purred, “Could I have some more please?”

The next Saturday at The Rocks Markets, who comes into The Licorice Shop but the three little pigs and with them a friend in a Red Cloak. “We came to thank you for your licorice and your help and introduce our newest best friend, the kindly, lovable wolf”. Wolfie threw back his red cloak and shook paws with us – “Thank you, Ric and Pam. I never knew food could taste this good”. Naturally, he pigged out on some more licorice and bought as much licorice as his three friends and he could carry. “Until next time”, he said as he put his red cloak back on. “I borrowed this from another friend of mine, perhaps you have heard of her, Little Red Riding Hood”. WOW, I wonder whether our licorice helped them to make friends too, so “remember to always share with your friends because good friends are hard to find and sharing is fun”.